Hello Foodie Friends,

I hope you enjoyed reading my post about part one of Shaina’s and my adventure in Tampa at the Epicurean Hotel. Click here to read Shaina’s post, if you’d like to see what she had to say.

So, while we truly had an awesome time at the Epicurean Hotel with all their fabulous amenities and could have easily occupied ourselves there for another couple of days, we did want to get out to check out the culinary scene in Tampa. With the help of Yelp and confirmed by our friend Eric at the Epicurean, we decided to head to a place called the Oxford Exchange for a late breakfast. One of the things worth mentioning is that we left our car at our hotel and decided to rely on Uber for transportation around the city.  Boy are we glad we did. The service was more than quick (by the time we ordered our ride, left our room, rode down the elevator and entered the lobby, our driver was just pulling up. Now that’s efficient!

The Oxford Exchange opened 2 years ago and was kind of like a book store, a coffee bar, tea bar, restaurant and gift shop all rolled into one. It had lots of “nooks and crannies” as I like to say. We opted to sit in the restaurant and after checking out their long list of teas, both Shaina and I decided to try the Tropical Green Tea with notes of pineapple, mango and papaya. This was a great choice. We were off to a perfect start!

Breakfast was outstanding at the Oxford Exchange. Shaina had the kale scramble with egg whites and I had the best eggs benedict that I have ever had! I […]