A Taste of Portland

Stroll through the Old Port, sampling your way through various restaurants and shops offering an array of delectable items that reflect Portland’s distinct cuisine.  Your guided walking tour begins at the pier and carves a path through the historic streets of the Old Port; an area that 100 years ago was home to canneries, factories and textile mills. Today, this warehouse district has been revitalized with dozens of quaint restaurants, coffee houses, bakeries and shops selling gourmet merchandise. It’s tempting to stop in every store as you meander along the waterfront, the chatter of seagulls carrying through the cobbled streets on the fresh sea air.

To satisfy your curiosity, your guide will introduce you to several of the finest Old Port venues to sample their wares. While the exact stores and restaurants always vary, you can be sure that the items will be heavily influenced by what’s fresh and indicative of the local cuisine. Some of these Maine-inspired foods may include Maine lobster, cold-water mussels, farm-raised lamb, organically grown vegetables, fresh-baked pastries and seasonal berry jams. It’s no coincidence that Bon Appétit magazine recently crowned Portland “America’s Foodiest Small Town” because there’s so much here to please the palate. As you sample the various culinary treats, the proprietors will elaborate on how they were prepared and where the ingredients were obtained.  At the conclusion of this delightful tour, you’ll have the choice of walking back to the pier with your guide, or remaining in town to further explore on your own, returning to the ship at your leisure.

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