Mixology Classes

This experience can be in-Person or Live Online!


Stir Up Some Fun While You Learn New Cocktail Making Skills

Assemble your own mixture of friends, staff, clients or family members, then blend in tips, tricks, and trivia from an experienced bartender and you have a fun filled Mixology Class. We can spice things up with a bit of friendly recipe competition or make it a race to add excitement.

We pair you with an expert mixologist who will teach you how to craft a few of the classics as well as give you the chance to create a signature cocktail all your own.

Our mixology classes are a wildly popular event for good reason. It’s social. It’s casual. It’s interactive. And it just might go down in your event history as the best activity ever. We can transform your office or off-site venue into a “mixology lab” where your guests will learn to mix, stir, and swizzle with the pros as they absorb the finer points of cocktail creation. This event works well as either a freestanding activity or a precursor to a delicious dinner.

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A perfect pairing for Mixology Classes! 

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How long does a class last?
Classes usually last 2-3 hours but can vary depending on the chosen course.

Is there a minimum/maximum number of guests?
There is a minimum of 6 guests and the maximum is only limited to the size of the venue.

What can I learn from a mixology class?
Mixology is the art and science of making cocktails. In a class you can learn basic bar tending skills and how to make a variety of classic & modern signature cocktails. We offer classes for all levels, beginner to advance.


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