I’ll Never Buy (or Lease) Another Car Again…Without This Man!

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Hello Friends,

Let’s face it, there are some things in life that we have to do even though we don’t want to. I’m sure you can think of one or two, right?  We all learned this little fact of life most probably from our parents. Case in point: buying (or leasing) a new car. Haggling back and forth with the car salesman is not particularly how most of us want to spend our time, am I right? Well, I have good news for you. In case you didn’t know that such a service exists, I am here to spare you from future angst by sharing my recent delightful car buying (leasing) experience with you.  Yep, you read that right…I did use the word delightful and car buying in the same sentence.  And I have a gentleman named David Rojas, aka The Deal Creator to thank for that. You see, David is a buyer’s representative. (Not to be confused for a car broker).

Sometimes I post questions on my facebook page when I’m looking for recommendations on certain things and this time I decided to ask my friends their opinions on buying or leasing a car. Talk about a hot topic; people came out in full force to share their opinions on the subject matter. Through it all, I got a phone call from David who had somehow got wind of the thread. Although by the time I got the call from David, I had already started speaking with someone else and politely thanked David for the call.  It didn’t take me long to figure out that this initial person I had been speaking to was not going to be the one to help me. Thankfully, even though it didn’t look like David was going to get my business, he remained very professional and took just a few extra minutes to educate me on the difference between a car broker and a buyer’s representative. I thanked him and we hung up. A day or two later I called him back.

He asked me to narrow my choices down to my top two – three picks and then he arranged to meet me and take me to the dealerships to test drive the vehicles. We went in, test drove all three and left. None of the car salesmen even attempted to talk to us about pricing. That was a bit weird, but in a pleasant way. Once I decided on which vehicle I wanted, David and I discussed my options (to buy or to lease). I had never leased before and I really didn’t think I was a good candidate for it due in part to the number of miles I drive and also the fear of what if the car gets dinged or damaged in some way.  David and I discussed my budget and in the end (which was super quick by the way), he was able to get me into the car that I desired, under budget and allayed any fears I had by including a wear & tear policy into the monthly payment, making sure that when I turned my car in at the end of 3 years that I would not owe one cent.

David Rojas is truly the Deal Creator and provides an invaluable service. He’s up there in my book right next to the other indispensables:  a good lawyer, doctor and accountant.  Need a new car or know someone else who does? Contact David at (954) 638-1900.

Happy Trails To You…

Until we EAT again….

Denise, xo