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Hello Foodie Friends,

When’s the last time you took a trip to Lithuania? Well if you’re like me, never. Fortunately, I have discovered a cute little Cafe that just opened up in East Boca, just steps away from the beach and now you can taste a little of Lithuania (and European fare) without having to take a transatlantic flight.

Beach Park Cafe is owned by Lithuanian husband and wife, Vaidas and Luiza who had previously been in the wholesale distribution business overseas for 20 years. With the help of their daughter Egle who handles the company’s social media marketing as well working there at the Cafe a couple days a week to relieve her parents, along with Chef Anthony who was brought in to help out in the small open kitchen, the team work together efficiently to bring the customers in and convert them into loyal repeat customers, one bite at a time, and it’s working!

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to bring a friend with me to try the place out for lunch. It was just before noon when we arrived and the place was quiet, a couple other tables inside and one or two more outside. We immediately met the owners, Vaidas and Luiza and they showed us to a table. We discussed some tasting options and off went Vaidas to the kitchen while Luiza stayed behind and talked with us openly about their journey that brought them to owning this cute little Cafe in Boca Raton, FL.

We started off with teas (iced for my companion) and hot for myself, although they are known for their great coffees…

Vaidas, Chef Anthony & Luiza

While we were waiting for our first tasting course to come out, we were delivered samples of their Lazy Cake: this refrigerated cake-like sweet is very famous in Lithuania and other countries in that part of the world . It is not actually a real cake, as it contains no flour or eggs, and no baking is required, so it’s so easy that anyone can make, that’s why it’s called “Lazy Cake”.  Apparently, in those countries, it is common to keep some in the freezer to take it out in any emergency in the case of unexpected visits. Even though I never heard of this scrumptious treat before, several recipes came up on my Google search. For those of you familiar with the Boca restaurant Flakowitz, it kind of reminds me of the little cake they put out at the tables when you sit down for a meal there.

Lazy Cake

The Beach Park Cafe has several panini on the menu and the one we decided to try was chicken saltimbocca.  I liked the idea of having this classic Italian entree served between two pieces of bread and pressed. The panini are served on sour dough bread which is imported frozen from Europe and baked fresh there. The description sounded appealing and the sandwich worked! Two thumbs up on this one. The pickle by the way is not your typical pickle either, made with very little vinegar in the pickling process. (for what it’s worth).

CHICKEN SALTIMBOCCA WITH BACON Bread, slow cooked chicken flavored with herbs, prosciutto, mozzarella cheese, mayonnaise, pepper, fresh basil, lemon juice, tomatoes.

The Park Cafe is very proud of their crepes and so it was decided that we should try one of their savory and one of their dessert crepes.

SMOKED SALMON CREPE SCANDINAVIAN STYLE Smoked salmon, ricotta cheese, sour cream, spring onions, capers.

Forget the traditional bagel, cream cheese and lox…time for a European twist on this American classic. The bagel replaced by a light and airy crepe, the cream cheese replaced with a ricotta and sour cheese mixture with spring onions and topped with a mornay sauce (sort of like a béchamel sauce with cheese) and capers. It was very large and very filling. We both enjoyed this dish, two thumbs up!


PETIT SUMMER FRUITS CREPE Seasonal fresh berries, whipped cream, fruity syrup.

Now in all fairness, we did not have the time to stay and eat our dessert crepe there and this pic was taken after it had been put in the refrigerator to be eaten at a later time.  I don’t recommend doing that, as it didn’t look as pretty as when it was initially presented and there’s nothing like having a fresh warm crepe right off the crepe maker. They have some really interesting dessert crepes on the menu, so I will definitely go back and try either the Nutella Banana, Honey Lemonello or the Dolce de Leche next.

The Park Cafe serves breakfast & lunch all day, so you can basically have brunch here anytime you come in! Here’s a sample of one of their breakfast specials:



I’m definitely coming back to try this French Eggs Benedict. It sounds right up my alley! Ooh la la!


The Beach Cafe is located at 896 E. Palmetto Park Rd, just west of the beach pavilion. Call ahead for take out, eat there or they will deliver to the beach pavilion. Other deliveries may be made through Delivery Wow through their website. Catering is also available. 561-430-3899.

They are open Monday – Thursday 9AM – 4PM; Friday – Sunday 9AM – 6PM

Check out their menu here.

Until we eat again…

I send you delicious wishes, xo