Historical Walking Tour: Why Ancient Egypt was Ahead of its Time

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Ancient Egypt contributed so much to aid the way we live today. Thanks to their innovations, we now go by 365 day-per-year calendar, work to mathematical numbers, as well as adopt basic construction concepts that the world still relies on today, such as utilizing levers and ramps.

However, aside from the well-publicized inventions that Ancient Egypt contributed to the world, they also made significant findings in culinary arts. They didn’t just cook their food using an open fire. Ancient Egyptians baked and made liquor way ahead of any other cultures.

Egyptian bakers made bread from wheat and barley. Unlike other societies that cooked bread using pots and stone, Ancient Egyptians used closed ovens to let the bread rise and cook. In addition, they used honey, fruits such as dates, as well as butter in order to give their bread texture and better flavor. They also used sesame seeds to garnish to their bread. With their ways with bread, perhaps it’s safe to say that the Ancient Egyptians were the first bakers who made artisanal pastries.

In addition to good baking, Egyptians also grew grain for the purpose of producing beer. When they drank, they didn’t just pour them into cups. They made beer jars that were for strictly made for drinking. The existence of these beer jars is evident on the graves of the departed. Ancient Egyptians placed beer beside graves for their loved ones to take to the after life.

Ancient Egyptians are still honored today because they have made so many contributions to modern society. No one really knew how they were able to start conceptualizing something as forward thinking as the pyramids using archaic and basic tools.

In addition, who told Cleopatra, the most iconic Egyptian pharaoh of all time that food had medicinal benefits that would improve skin and general wellbeing? No one studied nutrition during those times, and no one could’ve confirmed to her the vitamins and minerals that every fruit possessed.

Cleopatra’s knowledge about the medicinal benefits of food is another reason why historians are still baffled by the findings of Ancient Egyptians. Perhaps the reason why Cleopatra is still so revered in the modern world, either through books or video games that depict her beauty and style, is because of her contributions to the advancements of natural beauty products. She knew how to use honey, cucumbers, and milk to her advantage.

Ancient Egypt is full of educational materials about food that perhaps a historical walk centering on their culinary contributions would be great idea moving forward. Understanding their ways would be beneficial in understanding the food we enjoy today and would act as a great history lesson for everyone.


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