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Taking A Big Bite From The Big Apple ?

Lisa Lotts of Garlic & Zest

You know what’s cool? Discovering new foods. New flavors. Interesting textures — things that make you sit up and take notice. You know what’s cooler? Having over 200,000 of those new bites under one roof. That’s the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York — and its where I’ll be for the next 4 days. I’ll be sharing on Social Media while I’m gone, so please stop in to Facebook or Instagram for the latest.

Get the scoop on the latest Food Trends in this Preview of the 2019 Summer Fancy Foods Show . From healthy snacks to convenience items that get wholesome dinners on the table in minutes, and whimsical cooking tools, you want to check out what’s coming.

In case you’re hungry, I’ve also got an amazing, hearty salad for your weekday lunches. This one has staying power. First, to keep you comfortably satisfied without weighing you down. Second — this barley salad holds up in the fridge all week, for easy brown bag meal prep!

This healthy Pearl Barley and Kale Chopped Salad will stand up to dressing for several days in the refrigerator, making it a great brown bag lunch option. Add mix-ins like feta cheese, chicken, chopped nuts and sprouts at the last minute to keep it interesting and fresh.