Tips for Traveling With Your Dog on a South Florida Foodie Trip

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You’re planning a trip down to South Florida because you’ve heard of the incredible food scene. It’s true — few places in the United States can match Miami and surrounding areas with a diverse selection of world-class cuisine. Whether you’re looking for Cuban, Peruvian, Greek, Asian, Indian, American, or any other cuisine, South Florida is the place to be.

Planning your foodie trip is simple enough when you use curation services like Savor Our City. but if you’ve decided to bring your dog along, you’ll need to make some special considerations and preparations. Check out these practical tips for taking a food adventure in South Florida with your furry companion!

Get a Sitter if All Else Fails

Your dog is your constant companion and true friend, but they cannot go to every place you go. Don’t let that deter you from taking them on trips with you.

Give yourself and your pet the opportunity to create traveling memories when you can, and for the things they cannot do, hire a pet sitter to care for them while you’re away. Search online for a reputable, highly rated pet sitter in your destination spot and enjoy all the things your trip has to offer.

Look into Pet Insurance

Traveling with your pet is full of wondrous adventures, but with new experiences also come risks and uncertainties. You may not always be able to foresee the dangers your trip can pose to your canine.

To avoid high emergency vet bills and ensure you’re keeping your pet healthy, get pet insurance for your dog before leaving on your trip. Be sure to compare coverage, premiums, age limits, deductibles, reviews, and quotes to select the best plan.

Research Dog-Friendly Restaurants

While your dog may not be able to go with you everywhere and take in all the sights and activities, one thing they can do is dine out. Miami and South Beach are known for their love of pets and welcoming them along with their owners. Here are some places to check out if you’re in the mood to grab a bite with your dog:

  • Casa Sensei offers pan-Asian Latin fusion cuisine with waterfront views.
  • Big City Tavern is perfect for lunch and the tavern foods we all love, with comfortable outdoor seating available.
  • Tiki Tiki serves up amazing surf and turf in a relaxed atmosphere, right on Hollywood Beach.
  • My Big Fat Greek Restaurant offers up quality Greek food on a canal.
  • Yolo offers contemporary American food, a lovely outdoor patio, and an enjoyable fire pit.

Book Comfortable Accommodations

The options are limitless for places available to you and your pet to stay. Whether you choose a short-term rental or a dog-friendly hotel, you won’t have to skimp on quality and comfort just because your dog is with you.

Many short-term rentals allow pets and only ask for a small pet fee in addition to the daily rental rate to go towards cleaning and potential damages. Miami not only has dog beaches, parks, and pet-friendly restaurants but is also the home to many pet-friendly hotels (some that require a pet fee and some that don’t).


South Florida has amazing food, beaches, shopping, entertainment, and culture. To top it off, they will welcome you and your pet with open arms.

If you want to go on a foodie journey, rest assured you can bring your dog with you to many places, and for those places where your beloved pet can’t go, you’ll be able to find a qualified pet sitter nearby. Remember to research your pet insurance options and start planning your next adventure today!

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