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Oceans 234 – Take a Look at the #New234

Hello Foodie Friends,

Let’s face it, many of the restaurants that sit on pristine real estate donning the best ocean views fall a little short on delivering a high quality dining experience. Customers have come to expect this norm of sacrificing one for the other. Well not any more. Oceans 234 in Deerfield Beach has literally and figuratively broken ground and paved the way for a new standard that doesn’t call for sacrificing on quality for the sake of having a spectacular view.


photo courtesy of Kaye Communications/Oceans 234



photo courtesy of Kaye Communications/Oceans 234


photo courtesy of Kaye Communications/Oceans 234

I have been a fan of Oceans 234 for several years now and was super excited when they finally re-opened after undergoing a $1.8 million remodeling. I was also thrilled to receive an invitation to attend a media dinner there to check the new space out and sample some of the new menu items created by Chef Vic.

With 75 percent of the menu items being brand-new, Chef Victor Franco has been busy for the better part of a year creating new dishes, including a separate gluten-free menu. New signature cocktails and a new wine program are also new additions that are sophisticated yet approachable. What you will experience at the 200-seat Oceans 234 is fresh caught seafood varieties, sushi, tender steaks, poultry, entrée salads, a handmade dessert menu, and full liquor bar. “The craft cocktails are unique & playful” boasts server Josh. “We like to play with our food”.

Returning guests as well as new diners are wowed by the new openness and beauty of the views now devoid of any column obstruction and a completely new interior decor which has been outfitted with a sea-inspired theme which is a perfect compliment to it’s environment. There’s a new private dining area that can accommodate up to 50 guests with Nano doors opening up to the patio. Even when the Nano doors are closed, the floor-to-ceiling windows allow the breathtaking oceanfront view to be seen by those dining inside or socializing at the bar. The obstructing columns on the exterior patio were removed to open up the outside to deliver full views of the beach, ocean and the Deerfield pier.

Here’s the awesome tasting menu that was presented to us on this night by server Josh, who did an amazing job describing each and every dish and accompanying beverage to our group:

Tuna Stack & Moet Ice Mojito


Diced tuna, avocado, fresh lemon juice, evoo, crispy fried plantain

Interesting factoid: the Moet Ice Mojito is made with Moet Ice Imperial, the world’s first ever Champagne created to be enjoyed anytime, day or night.  Moet is pioneering the way by introducing new and creative uses of champagne as in this Moet Ice Mojito cocktail or simply over ice. Think: it’s not just for celebrations anymore…

 Lobster potato skins paired with Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc


Creamy spinach, bacon, Vermont white cheddar, truffle salt

Interesting factoid: The lobster potato skins has become the top selling appetizer, taking the lead over calamari which has been the reigning champ since they opened 12 years ago.

Blackened Snapper Reuben paired with Blackberry Smash


Snapper on marbled rye with purple cabbage, melted Swiss & thousand island


Blackberry Smash

Surf and Turf Sushi Roll & Sake, TY-KU


Filet mignon, soft shell crab tempura, cucumber, cilantro, sesame seeds

Interesting factoid: the surf & turf sushi roll is a combination of the meat lover’s roll & the tropical shrimp tempura roll

Grilled Skirt Steak paired with Summer Old Fashioned


Plantain mash, roasted corn with asparagus, toasted garlic and lime reduction

Nutella French Toast and Mocktail


French toast with bananas, Nutella, peanut butter spread

Everything that was presented was very good but if I had to pick a favorite food item, I’d have to say it was the grilled skirt steak followed by the lobster potato skins and the Nutella French toast. All of the cocktails were very good as well, including and especially the Mocktail.

Check out the remodeling time lapse video here.


 1.      The new WOW Factor South Beach-style décor totally re-imagined,
re-organized and rockin’ with its own edgy brand of BFF (Beach, Food & Fun).

2.     Best ‘on the beach’ dining, without getting your feet (or food) sandy.

3.     Unobstructed ocean, beach and pier views from inside, private dining space, and on patio. (Previous patio pillars are gone!)

4.     234 is even more social than ever before … dotted with intimate seating areas, raised banquette seating for large groups or several couplings.

5.     Its new first-ever private dining room with seating up to 50 for lunch, brunch, dinner for all biz and personal celebrations.

6.     More than 75% of the ‘true to Florida’ menu is all new – by Chef Victor Franco; check out the separate and extensive gluten-free and brunch menus, new signature cocktails and desserts.

7.     Introduction of new ‘wine lovers’ program featuring 102 select brands; 400 bottles line new wine wall.

8.     The ideal spot for memory-making and envious South Florida selfies (especially for sharing during Winter months with those stuck in snow).

9.     Romance is afire: place for ‘date night’ or to propose, marry and commemorate milestones.

10.  Great place to sports watch televised match ups!

As Josh explained to our group, they strive for the holy trinity of Great Food, Great Price & Great Service. I am proud to report that I think they have nailed all three. I highly suggest that you head over to Oceans 234 and see for yourself why “everything is better at the beach”.

Oceans 234 is located at 234 North Ocean Boulevard, Deerfield Beach, FL. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner seven days a week and brunch on Sundays. Their hours are as follows: Monday to Thursday, 11:30 am to 10 pm (bar closes at 11 pm) Friday and Saturday, 11:30 am to 11 pm (bar closes at 3 a.m.) and Sunday 10 am to 10 pm (bar closes at 11 pm).  For more information on culinary events and private dining for business, holiday and celebratory events, visit; for reservations call 954-428-2539.

Until we eat again…

I send you delicious wishes, xo